Shula's Steak House (Naples, FL)
5111 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida 34103

Shula's Steak House (Naples, FL)

The classic American, fine dining steak house. Our restaurants are themed after 1972's Undefeated Miami Dolphins and showcases their Perfect Season. "(Uptown Network) offers an elegant, engaging, and easy way for our guests to choose the right wine reflecting their unique tastes that also compliments their meal," says Shula's President, Dave Shula.

Uptown Network Reviews at Shula's Steak House

“I loved how they used the iPad as the wine list. It really allowed us to have fun in picking a wine.” via Trip Advisor

"My Husband and I used the Shula's Personal Sommelier (Uptown Network's app) at our last visit. It helped us choose the perfect bottle of wine that paired deliciously with our meal, and it was in our price range” - restaurant guest

“Shula's is Super! We are also wine enthusiasts and were very pleased too with their wide ranging wine list. The tablet menu used for the dinner wine list is unique and fun to use to select your bottle of wine.” via Trip Advisor

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Live Wine List: 

  • I've used this app several times and each time I found an exceptional bottle that I would not have known about. I highly recommend it for restaurant owners for their guests. I know I up-sold myself each time I dined at a spot with this app. If I owned restaurants I would definitely have this. It so easy to use.

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  • What a great concept and so useful! I am by no means a pro at pairing wine with food, but I love both. This app is so helpful when my husband and I are dining out. We get to look at the menu and wines before hand and are more prepared once we get there to order something guaranteed to be yummy!

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  • Uptown Network... is leading the way in making iPad wine list programs around the country more functional for the restaurant and more beneficial to the consumer.

    Master Sommelier
  • Something like this [Uptown Network] is going to be what separates the competitors, and what it's going to give you as a restaurateur is the opportunity to generate more revenue, generate more excitement at a nominal cost.

    Honig Vineyards
  • The app provides a great way to share in the Taste of the NFL experience from anywhere in the world and help feed the hungry at the same time.