Are you ready to become an F&B superhero?

We understand restaurants. That’s why our mission is to turn you, the F&B professional, into a superhero. To help expedite the process, you’re invited to try our latest product, F&B Easy Menu, completely free for 21 days. Over 100,000 curated beverage tasting notes are available to help you have your new digital menu up-and-running in under an hour.
Grab an iPad, download F&B Easy Menu from the App Store, and click the link below to get started.

Fresh menus in 5 minutes.

Create an account. Choose a design. Get a menu. Click on our cloud, change your menu.

restaurant superhero easy cloud based menus
food and beverage superhero with food and drink items

Hundreds of thousands of products.

Search our database for menu items or add your own. Over 100,000 curated beverage tasting notes are just a click away.

Menu updates in 30 seconds or less.

Change a cocktail price. 86 a wine. Never break a sweat. There’s even an iPhone app to do it from the floor instead of the back office!

F&B Easy Menu 3
F&B Easy Menus display on any device via the cloud

Make your menu viral.

Share it with the world!


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