Our Mission

We believe that food & beverage professionals are family.

In fact, that’s our brand promise: to always treat you like an extension of our own family and team. Together with our partners, we continuously strive to innovate the industry, improve the guest experience, and make the lives of staff, managers, and owners more enjoyable and profitable.

Over $28 Million

Our Story

Uptown Network® unites a unique team of culinary professionals and techies. We’ve owned restaurants and have grown software companies from intangible ideas through to IPOs. Today, that passion and success shine through as we work diligently to bring menus to the forefront of technology in the restaurant industry. We work to unify the restaurant industry’s social media strategies, loyalty programs, and guest experiences through modern menu tech in restaurants.

Our Sustainability Pledge

The restaurant industry kills countless trees every day by wastefully printing stained, unsanitary paper menus. Moreover, paper menus are an uninspired approach to hospitality.

How many laminated paper menus are in our landfills? In the long run, digital menus are less expensive than paper, and help protect our environment and global future.

Uptown Network® is committed to protecting and preserving the health of the environment, employees, and customers, as well as the communities in which we leave our mark.

By implementing and integrating sustainable practices in all aspects of our business, we help conserve and promote the future for generations to come.

70 Million

Paper menus saved from landfills to-date

1 Billion

Our goal for 2023


Self-Service or Enterprise

BYOM™—short for Bring Your Own Menu—is our core restaurant system software. It's everything you need to get your menus on the cloud.

Uptown Gifts®

Enterprise Add-On

Uptown Gifts® makes it easy for guests to bundle your menu items into virtual gift cards and customize them for friends and family.

Virtual Wine Lockers

Enterprise Add-On

Our virtual wine locker app extension makes it easy to create or expand a wine locker program in your club, restaurant, or resort.