Virtual wine lockers maximize restaurant and country club revenue by expanding wine locker programs beyond physical front-of-house capacity. Program users enjoy a social experience driven by a shared love of wine.

Virtual wine lockers are an add-on solution for BYOM™ Enterprise. The program is $299/month.

Starting a wine locker program without major overhead is simple with virtual wine lockers. Members can choose to have their lockers private or public, just like their social media accounts. Wines can be browsed and added to lockers directly from the iPad® program. Members send gifts to fellow members and non-users alike through the same interface.

Wine Software Meets Social Media.

Members of a virtual wine locker program have the opportunity to follow favorite lockers and receive activity notifications. They can share comments with fellow locker holders and send gifts to friends and family, encouraging them to visit your restaurant.

Private, Secure, and Tested.

Wines, gifts, and lockers are easily managed by staff from either an iPad® or desktop interface. Members choose to make their lockers public or private. All are password protected.

Uptown Network®’s code base and API (application programming interface) receive ongoing rigorous security testing to ensure software industry standards are met.

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