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BYOM™ Self-Service

$99/mo billed monthly

Up-and-running in under five minutes, plus…

Put guests first.

Save on menu-related costs.

  • One-click menu changes
  • Menus distributed digitally with QR code
  • Embed menus on websites and social media
  • Access to 100,000+ tasting notes and images for wine, beer, spirits, and more
  • Choose from hundreds of menu design templates

BYOM™ Enterprise

Starts at $499/mo billed monthly

Self-Service plan, plus…

We’ll manage your menus.

  • All data entry and menu updates done by our dedicated Member Services team
  • Custom digital menu designs
  • Ongoing product support from our on-call team

Get access to add-ons.

Uptown Gifts®

Ideal for:

  • Integrating your loyalty program and restaurant gift cards directly into your menus
  • Eliminating overhead from plastic gift cards or printed gift certificates
  • Incorporating new restaurant technology—augmented reality and virtual reality food and beverage—into the guest experience

Virtual Wine Lockers

Ideal for:

  • Starting a wine locker program without major overhead
  • Expanding restaurant or country club wine lockers beyond front-of-house capacity
  • Growing your marketing outreach—it’s social media for wine lovers

iPad® Menus

Ideal for:

  • Introducing digital restaurant table menus
  • Consolidating printed wine lists and beverage books into an easy-to-manage system
  • Replacing multiple paper menus with a dynamic presentation: beautiful menu item images, professional tasting notes, and more