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Benefits of Virtual Wine Lockers For Your Brand

Wine lockers have been a customer favorite for years, but new innovations with virtual wine lockers are showing additional benefits for restaurants, hotels, and private clubs. This guide includes leading strategies and ideas that can elevate your wine lockers to a whole new level.

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Uptown Network® is the premier digital menu solutions provider of the hospitality industry. Building upon years of hospitality experience and leading-edge software leadership, our team services restaurants, hotels, cruise ships and more of all types and sizes.


From standalone products to a full environmentally-friendly suite, our team of experts is available to help you build the program that is right for you. Tablet menus, QR codes, virtual wine lockers, and virtual gift cards have taken the hospitality industry by storm, often without much guidance on how to successfully launch a digital solutions program. Uptown Network®’s team is here to help you choose the best option with confidence, so you can streamline operations and get back to where you are needed most.

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BYOM helps restaurants optimize their social media profiles by giving visitors the information they need on the platform they want. Easily share up-to-date menu information, LTOs, holiday menus and more. Additionally, integrations such as Uptown Gifts enable restaurants to add a new revenue stream directly to their social media profiles.

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