Join Our Mission.

Let's Revive The Hospitality Industry We All Love.

The pandemic has made hospitality too transactional. Join us in helping bring back the romance! Our menus enable “contactless” ordering and payment, but don’t look like an e-commerce website or a static PDF file. They’re engaging, mobile responsive and extend the restaurant's brand right to your own phone.

This industry's greatest asset is the people who cook for us when we seek comfort, welcome us through their doors on our greatest adventures, and deliver our food while we eagerly await a return to normal. Uptown Network®’s mission has always been to put hospitality first.

As a lover of food and travel, we invite you to join us. Let’s bring the industry back stronger than ever. Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

Explore Uptown Gifts®

Uptown Gifts® provides restaurants and hotels with a more affordable alternative to traditional gift cards, with added features including gift personalization messages, augmented reality, and more. Download Uptown Gifts® from the App Store or Google Play, and make a purchase to support your favorite hospitality brand.

Don’t see a brand you love on the platform, but think they’d be a good fit? Share this link with them. We’ll explain how they can expand their revenue and grow their loyalty program quickly and easily with Uptown Gifts®.

Our Brand

As a company, Uptown Network® produces great software with hospitality-focused hearts and minds behind it. Our commitment is to restaurants, hotels, and the businesses that drive them forward.

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Our Path in Hospitality

Our team consists of restaurateurs, hospitality professionals, and entrepreneurs. We’ve owned restaurants and have grown successful software companies from the ground up. Today, we’re bringing menus to the forefront of hospitality technology.

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Like and share. Post and Repost. Big results can come from little efforts when you show your support for hospitality businesses on social media. Give shining reviews on sites like Google, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable. A one-star boost on Yelp can bring a business’ revenue up 9% or more.

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