Uptown Network's experienced team cares about your success


We have a unique blend of culinarians and techies. We’ve owned restaurants and also built software companies from nothing through IPOs. More importantly, we believe that anything is possible, the sky is the limit, and fun is essential to success!

Management Team

  • Jack Serfass - CEO, Co-Founder
  • Nadine Serfass - EVP, Co-Founder, Strategic National Relationships
  • Philip Turner - EVP, Co-Founder, Research and Development
  • Nick Bendowski - Director of Creative

Board of Directors

  • Jack Serfass
  • Edward J. Jones
  • Nadine Serfass
  • Rick Borman
  • Edward Caputo
  • Michael Solot


  • Robert Bath, MS, Court of Master Sommeliers, CIA Greystone, Co-Founder, Curator of Uptown Network
  • Paul Cataldo, Prolific CMO, Boston Area
  • Jeff Finkle, Arc Angel Fund
  • Robert Fiondella, J.D., Former Chairman and CEO, Phoenix Life Insurance
  • Roger McOmber, Managing Partner, McOmber Capital
  • Frank Moss, PHD, CEO of Tivoli and former director of MIT Media Lab, Co-Founder
  • Andy Palmer, Former CEO Vertica Systems, Founder KOA Labs Reitler Advisory Group
  • Scott Relf, CEO, Infinite Growth Group Richard Schwartz, World Traveler, Investor
  • Lee Stowell, Cantor Fitzgerald
  • David Sweet, IBM, Bow Street, TA Partners

Featured On


  • Something like this [Uptown Network] is going to be what separates the competitors, and what it's going to give you as a restaurateur is the opportunity to generate more revenue, generate more excitement at a nominal cost.

    Honig Vineyards
  • I've used this app several times and each time I found an exceptional bottle that I would not have known about. I highly recommend it for restaurant owners for their guests. I know I up-sold myself each time I dined at a spot with this app. If I owned restaurants I would definitely have this. It so easy to use.

    iOS App Store
  • The app provides a great way to share in the Taste of the NFL experience from anywhere in the world and help feed the hungry at the same time.

  • Uptown Network... is leading the way in making iPad wine list programs around the country more functional for the restaurant and more beneficial to the consumer.

    Master Sommelier
  • What a great concept and so useful! I am by no means a pro at pairing wine with food, but I love both. This app is so helpful when my husband and I are dining out. We get to look at the menu and wines before hand and are more prepared once we get there to order something guaranteed to be yummy!

    iOS App Store