A Private Club's Journey

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Uptown Network® partners with passionate properties to craft technology for streamlining business and enhancing the guest experience.

What We Believe

Innovative Technology Increases Club Success

Club membership and financial success can be compounded by implementing innovative sources of revenue. Fundamentally, Uptown Network® moves menus and promotional materials from a cost center to a profit center, increasing revenue and member loyalty.

Here are three key beliefs of our mission:

1 | Embracing Technology Is Youthful and Refreshing

Private clubs are always trying to attract new and younger members. Embracing technology in a way that provides a luxury experience is a proven way to do it.

Our approach to menu and activity presentations adds vibrant visual cues and style to your club’s restaurants, bars, and recreation. The platform unites menu management with marketing to a young audience.

2 | Wine and Conversation Can Be Taken Up a Notch

With Virtual Wine Lockers, members can socialize around your wine program. With permission, they can view others’ lockers, like members’ wine collections, share comments, and send a gift from their locker to another’s. They can even share wines from their lockers with members who don’t yet have their own.

3 | Luxury Can Be Practical, Too

Many times, menus in private clubs are rightfully large and luxurious. However, at a bar or pool, they can quickly become cumbersome and look out of place. BYOM™ on your members’ personal devices solves this problem and allows them to take the guest experience home with them.


We’re Doing Good For Private Clubs and The Planet. Join The Cause.

If there is no planet, there are no private clubs to enjoy. Small steps make a big impact. You can see where we’ve been, and help us get where we’re going.

Join us in sustainability →

70 Million

Paper menus saved from landfills

1 Billion

Our goal for 2023

Menus shared in all 50 states and over 70 countries

How we're making it all happen

Our core products lead the charge for member experience innovation.

BYOM™—short for Bring Your Own Menu— is our core hospitality software tool. Give guests up-to-date club information from the comfort of their own phones. Use it for everything from basic events calendars to complete event scheduling: tee times, dinner reservations, government health mandates, and more.

Uptown Gifts® revolutionizes gift giving. Club members can send personalized, heartfelt gifts including: golf tee times, dinner and cocktails, a bottle of wine, and more. Go above and beyond the “traditional” meaning of hospitality.

See BYOM™ in action!

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Next Steps

Where Will Your Journey Take You Next?

Our mission won't be complete without the continued passion and commitment of clubs like yours. Join us in building a more prosperous future.

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How Can We Help You On This Journey?

Uptown Network® produces great software with hospitality-focused hearts and minds behind it. Our commitment is to your success, the satisfaction of your members, and the future of our industry.

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