Remember Where You Came From

Recently I was talking with a couple of younger gentleman working on the bar, listening to their takes on what they call, “Old School” cocktails. Both had the same approach on what they believe to be irrelevant drinks. Just Google it and forget about it. That took me back a bit. I have a different…

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5 Reasons Restaurants Should Have a Digital Menu

There’s no shortage of competition in the restaurant industry so staying innovative is essential. Providing a digital menu as part of your customer experience enhances their enjoyment and provides them with something unique that they can share with their friends online and off to help grow your business. Here are five top reasons why restaurants…

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Dress Well Dear, Everyone is Watching.

When I look back at cocktail garnishes I used in the past in comparison to today, it blows my mind.  In the beginning of this adventure behind the bar, a garnish was either a football-shaped lemon or lime, a half-moon orange, a neon red cherry, or some olives that should never have been consumed by…

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Walking on the Moon

Saturday, July 20, 2019, marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It’s also a very exciting time here in Central Florida, especially with NASA here in our backyard. Recently, I was asked to create a cocktail for an anniversary moonwalk celebration. It was requested that this cocktail have a moonshine base, to…

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Food and beverage superhero characters surrounding the Uptown Network logo

New iPad App for Food and Beverage Professionals Takes Menus from Paper to Fully Digital in Less than an Hour

F&B Easy Menu from Uptown Network revolutionizes guest experiences while improving sustainability   NAPLES, Fla., May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Uptown Network today released F&B Easy Menu, an iPad app that empowers food and beverage professionals to easily transform paper menus to fully digital and then update them across the business in real time. F&B Easy Menu is available now…

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The Mocktail Revolution

As a bar professional, I see far too often many of us are missing a key demographic visiting our establishments: Those who are not drinking for the night. No matter what, they shouldn’t be shunned, forced to sip on soda – or worse – water! These guests want something, they just aren’t sure what that…

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